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Prestige Doors

Prestige Doors

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our prestigious range of doors.

The prestigious nature of our range is based on a continuous search for perfection, in order to make your vision a reality.

This is possible through a wide variety of designs, the application of innovative solutions and the customisation of all processes.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our excellent reputation and you will experience the beauty and diversity first hand.

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The Prestige Door 'Lines' collection. This innovative series leads the way in interior design, with customiz


The Prestige Door range 'EuroX' collection is the essence of simplicity. The character of traditional door d

Aluminium and Inlays

Introducing the 'Aluminium and Inlays' range of Prestige Doors. Models in this series have aluminium inlays or other


Introducing the Prestige Door's 'Classic' range. A timeless series of panelled doors with straight or cu


The 'Design' series in the Prestige Door range is a perfect combination of flush surfaces and discrete groov


The Prestige Door 'Europa' series - a range of simple yet stunning doors with a choice of two grooves cut fr


The LifeStyle collection of our Prestige Door range has a truly avant-garde style - with its sharp designs, this col


Our Prestige Door 'Lacquered' collection provides the widest range of lacquered designs within the UK market

Flush Doors

The smooth series keeps a smooth surface in its whole finish. It has a solid structure of light board and is surroun