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Let the sunshine in with our collection of Hardwood glazed doors. These doors are made from engineered meranti hardwood. Meranti hardwood, which originates from south east Asia, is a favourite among door manufacturers. All the hardwood used to manufacture the products we stock is ethically sourced. 

Sturdy, beautiful and incredibly versatile, meranti hardwood is great for those who want to stick to a limited budget without compromising quality. Engineered hardwood is manufactured using multiple pieces of hardwood, glued together and moulded to form a sturdy core.

Glazed doors - a worthwhile investment?

Glazed doors are the perfect addition to any home. Great for increasing light flow, glazed doors can make your room appear larger and more welcoming, while promoting an open plan feel. Stylish and modern, our hardwood glazed doors are  sure to elevate the ambience of your hallway, kitchen, lounge, dining room or study. For extra privacy, we offer glazed doors with frosted glass. Our doors require little maintenance, and are very easy to clean.

Our hardwood glazed doors feature double glazed glass. The glass used to make the doors we stock is toughened safety glass. This glass is used to ensure complete compliance with safety standards.

Looking for interior design inspiration?

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Nationwide delivery with no hidden costs 

Our prices all include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We deliver nationwide. We process all orders within four working days. For products in stock, delivery normally takes between 5-10 working days.


The Meranti wood used in our collection of hardwood glazed doors is imported from South East Asia. All the wood used in the manufacturing process is ethically sourced, complying with FSC and PEFC requirements.

Meranti wood is durable and easy to work with. It is an attractive species of wood, with a reddish pink colouring. Extremely versatile, meranti wood is used for moulding and in the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows, skirting boards and architraves.

Engineered hardwood is made by combining multiple layers of wood which have been reformed using heat, glue and pressure. Each layer faces a different direction, making the core extremely stable, and preventing the top layer of the engineered wood from warping. A veneer of solid wood is placed on top. Doors made of solid wood, meanwhile, are manufactured using one type of wood exclusively.

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