Smoked Oak Vancouver Glazed 4L Door Kit

Price (Inc VAT):


As a "door kit", the door will arrive un-machined and ready to be used with the other products that you select. The items will be supplied in a kit form to be assembled and machined on site, but if you select just the door only, it will be just a single door leaf supplied.

The set can be supplied with or without architraves, with a selection of styles to choose from. The architraves are supplied in long un-cut lengths which are to be cut to suit once on site.

Opening size:

To calculate the external frame dimension of the assembled set, please use the below calculation:

  • Desired door width (see range of sizes available) + 48mm
  • Desired door height (see range of sizes available) + 29mm** (please ensure this height measurement is taken from finished floor level)
  • **The door frame height measurement excludes the 20mm undercut which is supplied with the assembled frame. This can then be trimmed to suit on site.
  • Frame size: A choice of 108mm or 133m frame depths are offered as standard


  • Door size (see range of sizes selected door model is available in)
  • Frame size/depth and frame finish. Custom frame depths possible on request.
  • Architrave style and architrave finish
  • Handle style/finish, choose from Mercury, Venus or Solar, they all come in a Polished Chrome - Satin Nickel finish. Privacy option includes matching WC turn lock.

Note, the hinges and the latch will match the finish of the handles.

Delivery for these door kits is 2-3 weeks. Please note these are bespoke made orders by Doorsuppliesonline and orders for this item cannot be cancelled. Please make sure there is someone to help assist the delivery driver when unloading the goods if needed. By buying this item you are accepting these terms and conditions. 

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