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Choosing the perfect walnut internal doors for your home

Solid wood doors make a beautiful addition to any home, offering privacy and style in one. Our range of solid walnut doors creates effective barriers between rooms, making them ideal for home offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Available in a number of different sizes, you are sure to find the right size for your home.

Walnut glazed internal doors are the smart choice for darker rooms. The clear glazed glass allows natural light to flow through while still closing off the room from the rest of the house. Whether you want a simple glass panel in your door or you are seeking a design, you’ll find what you are looking for at Door Supplies Online.

Safety is important, which is why you may choose a walnut fire door for your kitchen. Designed with a solid core, these FD30 fire doors in walnut are not only beautiful but also functional. The FD30 rating means that these doors can resist fire for 30 minutes, giving you the time to escape your home and slow the spread.

Why walnut doors are perfect for your home

Walnut doors give the instant vision of sophistication and luxury. The bold colour suits any home decor you have in place, whether you opt for darker colours in your study or you want to contrast with a magnolia room. The colour is classic, but the variety of styles you’ll find here on Door Supplies Online gives you the choice between a vintage feel and more modern designs to suit your home.

Most of the internal walnut doors you’ll find are prefinished so that you can install them straight away. Found that your door doesn’t quite fit the gap? Many can be taken down in size by 30mm to ensure you get the secure fit you deserve in your hope.

At Door Supplies Online, we offer a variety of payment options to make finding your perfect door easier than ever. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna. Adding style and sophistication to your home is straightforward with Door Supplies Online.

Walnut Interior Doors FAQs

Walnut doors are considered to be the interior designers’ choice. They not only provide a bold and beautiful entryway to a room, but they add a luxurious touch to any home. Whether you have a classic aesthetic or a more modern and contemporary feel, a walnut interior door will work for you.

The best wood for your internal door will depend on the aesthetic of your home. A popular choice in many homes is walnut, as it creates a classic and iconic look. Other options that may work for your home are oak, pine, and hardwood.

If you have chosen a bold wood such as walnut, you may want to use a clear finish on the wood to ensure none of its beauty is lost. You may choose a high gloss paint for your door instead, as this is the most durable option.

Interior doors are designed to create barriers between rooms. Fire doors work in much the same way, but most have a fire rating. This rating will tell you how long the fire door with withstand a fire in the home, allowing you and your family to escape.

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