XL Joinery External Oak Modena Obscure Glass Pre-Finished

Options: 1981mm x 838mm (33")
Price (Inc VAT):


  • Species: Engineered Oak
  • Construction: Mortise & Tenon
  • Glazing: Obscure
  • Raised Moulding: N/A
  • Pre-Finished
  • All external doors are supplied 44mm thickness.
  • XL Joinery External Door finishing guidelines: External doors must have a weather bar or rain deflector fitted to ensure that water runs away from the face and bottom edge of the door. A drip bead should be fitted to prevent moisture ingress to the top edge of the door, e.g. fitted to the door frame head. In areas of severe exposure, external doors should be protected by a canopy or porch in addition to finishing.
    Bare timber doors will require a light sanding prior to finishing. Take care when finishing glazed doors to ensure that the finish does not go on the glass. Secondary protection such as masking tape may be necessary. When applying the finish pay particular attention to sealing the timber end grain on the tops and bottoms of the doors. Ensure that all lock, letterbox and hinge cut-outs are also finished to the same degree as the timber surfaces. Failure to treat all the timber surfaces may lead to excessive changes in moisture content which will cause the timber to shrink or swell, possibly causing splits and distortion. XL Joinery offer an external door finishing kit for their exterior doors.

External Doorset Option:

  • Unglazed Prefinished Doorset option available in 1981x838mm size - please ask for more details

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