Interior design trends 2023

Every year, new interior trends are announced to homeowners and different styles begin to take every home by storm and don every interior magazine out there for months. While some styles work in every season and every change in weather, there are some that don't stand the test of time and can transition from season to season.

As we are now heading towards Autumn, and the cold weather and darker nights are upon us, it is important to take the time to look at your interior and discern whether you are happy with the styles and taking them into the next few months where the weather is changing so drastically.


Interior design trends that we think will transition into Autumn beautifully!

Bright Colours & Strong Patterns

2023 began with many interior lovers desiring brighter colours and strong patterns in their homes, as many are craving that desire for a positive outlook, and bright colours can encourage enthusiasm, playfulness and happiness. If you would rather add bright colours to your home slowly to see how you feel about it, tile is a terrific way to include some natural inspiration in your home. Trendy accent walls and retro furniture are making a comeback!

How will these interior trends transition into Autumn?

Don't be afraid to play around with colour in your home this year, from vivid blues and purples to shades of emerald green and brilliant lemony yellows they will all look beautiful as we approach the Autumn months. Tile is ideal if you want something livelier but not quite as daring as an entire wall painted in vivid purple or yellow.

 interior design trends 2023

Farmhouse Interior & Grounding Colour Elements

This year there has been a move toward cosier, more natural tones, such as beige, white, ivory, taupe, and brownish-grey. These base colours are used as the beginnings of the viral trend 'cottagecore', think of any Nora Ephron or Nancy Meyers movie and you will have it nailed.

How will these interior trends transition into Autumn?

This trend is perfect for Autumn. You can find inspiration for your Autumn colour palette in your everyday life, this trend is all about curating a life of cosy and warm living, filled with reclaimed vintage furniture and a nod to nature. To create an intriguing and layered neutral style, experiment with these colours in various fabrics, materials, paints, and furnishings.


Gothic Influences

The key to the look is to smoothly combine opulent highlights, vintage details, and earthy materials like wood, marble, and iron with dark and melancholy tones. The space hugs you with deep, dark hues that create a calm environment ideal for stress relief. As well as this, using more unique pieces that also have that element of elegance can give your home a beautiful and creative style that will be so personal to you. Using warm wood styles or mid-century-inspired furniture and cabinetry can help you pull off a gothic-inspired design style.

How will it transition into Autumn?

The key is to avoid being childish or garish and instead keep things sophisticated and stylish with key pieces that will look beautiful throughout the year. Choose sculptured arch features, baroque-inspired art, and heavy iron accents to maintain the space being opulent and luxurious. Autumn is the season of Halloween and the first taste of the colder and darker months so this style compliments that transition so beautifully.


Curve Appeal

The desire for curves indicates that they are going to be a long-lasting trend, adding a cosy feeling by swapping out angular, harsh shapes for smooth lines. As a result, gentle curves are now an important focal point in accessories as well such as abstract sculptures or ceramics, while also transforming furniture and other soft furnishings.

How will it transition into Autumn?

Find cosy, transitional pieces that will work in your home throughout the year. Whether that be opting for more curved and softer accessories or upgrading your furniture to match this style. Consider choosing a nature-inspired colour trend for your piece, as you'll be sure it will transition perfectly into Autumn as well as the other seasons throughout the year.



There is a huge increase in people wanting to do their part for the environment and sustainability through their interior over the past few years. This means that interior trends are changing to help compensate for a move from fast fashion and plastics. You might see an increase in recycled furniture, the use of natural materials, upcycled pieces, and things made from reusable sources.

How will these interior trends transition into Autumn?

Changing a few items to items that are comprised of sustainable materials in your home can have long-term benefits for the environment as well as give you the opportunity to incorporate some new trends that you are wanting to do such as 'Cottagecore' which is all about using reclaimed furniture.


What Can We Expect From These Interior Trends in 2023?

Whichever style you are thinking of adopting, you need to keep practicality in mind! These could be things like comfortable upholstery for your living room, durable materials for high-traffic areas, or functional storage solutions to keep your space organized and clutter-free. It's important to strike a balance between style and practicality to create a space that not only looks great but also serves your everyday needs effectively. 

Research has suggested that interior design trends 2023 tend to be filled with a mixture of long-lasting trends and passing styles that will come and go and it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. In your home, you want to make sure that you are choosing home décor trends that you don't have to change each season because of the expense as well as wanting to make sure that you can be comfortable and enjoy your home deco without always thinking about if you need to change it.

Who knows what next year will bring for interior trends?

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