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LPD Ironmongery Manhattan Mercer Handles
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LPD Ironmongery Manhattan Charlton HandlesLPD Ironmongery Manhattan Charlton Handles
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LPD Ironmongery Manhattan Sullivan HandleLPD Ironmongery Manhattan Sullivan Handle
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LPD Ironmongery Manhattan Thumb Turn
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LPD Scorpio (Matt Black)
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LPD Zurich Standard Handle Pack (Matt Black)LPD Zurich Standard Handle Pack (Matt Black)
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LPD Hyperion Standard Handle Pack (Satin Chrome)
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LPD Lupus Standard Handle Pack (Satin Chrome)
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LPD Hyperion Privacy Handle Pack (Satin Chrome)
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LPD Lupus Privacy Handle Pack (Satin Chrome)
LPD Scorpio (Satin Chrome)
LPD Polaris Standard Handle PackLPD Polaris Standard Handle Pack
LPD Gemini Handle (Matt Black)
LPD Polaris Privacy Handle Pack
LPD Pisces Finger Pull (Matt Black)
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LPD Mercury Standard Handle Pack

LPD handle multipacks available now

Door handles can completely transform the entryway into a room. Whether you are looking for a contemporary black nickel internal door handle or you want brushed copper door handle multipacks to provide a rustic and classic feel, Door Supplies Online has everything you need to enhance your door’s appearance.

These LPD handles are designed for use with LPD doors but can be used with a number of other doors if required. If you have a sliding door, pull handles are the best choice, providing grip without preventing the door from opening fully. We stock complete handle packs to make installing your new LPD door handle easy.

The colours you choose will depend on the aesthetic of your room. At Door Supplies Online, we stock a wide selection of colours and metals to help you make the right decision. Matte black handles are great for white doors, making a bold statement. However, you may prefer a polished chrome for a clean appearance or satin nickel door handles which go with everything.

Single LPD door handles and kits to transform your home

Door handles come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. At Door Supplies Online, we offer everything from round finger pull handles to classic door knobs and lever handles. Need multiple handles to coordinate across a room? Our handle packs make it easy, with matching handles to use in a number of different rooms.

Installing LPD door handles is easy, so if you decide that your current handles don’t suit the room, you can change them without any difficulty. The variety of colours and finishes available means you can give your door a brand new look without replacing the door itself.

Looking for a specific type of LPD handle for your door? Contact Door Supplies Online today to take advantage of our extensive experience. We are here to help, whether you want some advise on whether a matte black or satin chrome handle will suit your room or you want to find the right handle pack.

LPD Door Handles FAQs

LPD offer a number of different types of door handles for you to choose from. Finger pull handles are often small and round, ideal for sliding doors. Level handles can be pressed downwards to open the door. Door knobs require turning to open the door. Pull handles can be fixed to doors for outwards opening with ease.

Internal door handles often vary in size, depending on the manufacturer, the type of door handle, and various other elements. That said, there are a number of different industry standards that your door handle is likely to meet, between 44mm and 130mm.

While door knobs provide a classic look to a door, they can be more challenging to open. For this reason, many find that lever door handles are more user friendly, especially for bathrooms and kitchens where your hands may be wet or damp when attempting to leave.

White doors are the perfect blank canvas, giving you plenty of options when choosing the right door handle. One of the most popular is a black door handle. White doors with black handles really stand out and go with everything. However, you may prefer a brushed copper or a satin chrome for a classic look.

LPD door handle packs come with everything you need to fit your handle easily. This includes the hinges and latches. You’ll find that the extra parts, such as the latch and the hinges, are the same finish as the handle itself for consistency.

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