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Flat Roof Windows FAQs

Flat roof windows are specially designed windows installed on flat or low-pitched roofs to bring natural light, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal to interior spaces.

Flat roof windows offer benefits such as maximizing natural light, improving ventilation, enhancing the visual appeal of a building, optimizing space utilization, and increasing energy efficiency.

There are various types of flat roof windows available, including fixed windows, operable windows (such as casement or awning windows), roof lanterns, and skylights with different opening mechanisms and features.

Flat roof windows are suitable for a wide range of buildings, including residential homes, commercial spaces, offices, extensions, and modern architectural designs. However, specific considerations may apply depending on the roof structure and building codes.

Flat roof windows require professional installation to ensure proper sealing, waterproofing, and structural integrity. Installers must follow manufacturer guidelines and local building codes for safe and efficient installation.

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