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Stable doors, also known as Dutch doors or half doors, are unique doors that are divided horizontally into two parts, allowing them to be opened independently from one another. This design enables the top portion of the door to swing open while the bottom remains closed, or both halves can be secured together for a traditional, single-door appearance.

In addition to keeping children and pets safe, it allows fresh air and light to enter. This door has also been referred to as a double-hung door, but we prefer to call it a stable door. Browse our range of stable door furniture to find the perfect accessories and handles to complement your door.

Benefits of Using External Stable Doors

Stable Door Design

The innovative design of stable doors makes them ideal for use in family homes. When used as an entryway, they can be used to keep an eye on children and pets in the garden while keeping the door shut from the comfort of your home. These doors are excellent for providing access to gardens, patios, and kitchens. Stable doors will also help you achieve a country cottage aesthetic if that is your preference.

Stable Door Durability

There is no doubt that stable doors are sturdy and durable. In addition, they have the capability to withstand most situations that may arise, whether it is a young child or someone trying to break into your home. As a result, they are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Energy Efficiency of Stable Doors

Energy efficiency is one of the benefits of stable doors! This prevents the cold air from entering during the winter and the hot air from entering during the summer. You will appreciate this during the warmer months when your heating and cooling bills will be lower.

Stable Door Customisation

Regardless of the size or shape of your home, stable doors are a stunning addition. There is bound to be one out there that suits your needs perfectly, regardless of whether you wish to have an elegant wood-panelled stable door or something entirely different. Depending on your preferences, stable doors can be customised. Colour, material and even the type of lock that you would like to be installed are all options that are available to you.

Stable Door Maintenance

Easy maintenance is one of the benefits of stable doors. Apart from making sure they are opened and closed occasionally, they require little effort on your part. When compared to other types of entryways, they are very low maintenance due to their design.


Looking after your new glazed stable door

It is important to maintain your new external stable door once it has been installed, but don't worry because they don't require much maintenance. Once a month, wipe your half-glazed stable door down and apply a drop of oil to the moving parts.

Contact our friendly team for more information on fitting stable doors, pricing, colour samples, or anything else you need.

      External Stable Doors FAQs

      A stable door makes a perfect front door for a traditional cottage as well as an attractive, primarily back door for a modern urban residence. Having the option of being used as a front door or back door gives this half and half door double versatility.

      Yes, stable doors have gained popularity in residential settings, especially in homes with pets or young children. They offer a practical solution for allowing fresh air in while keeping occupants secure.

      It is common for stable doors to be made of materials that are highly energy-efficient - such as hardwood, PVC, or composite materials. We typically manufacture our doors from high-quality wood, metal, or composite materials in accordance with your preferences and requirements.

      VENTILATION & LIGHT: Stable doors provide a way to allow fresh air and light into a space while keeping animals or children contained. INTERACTION: They allow interaction with animals or people on the other side of the door without fully opening it. SECURITY: The bottom half of the door can remain closed, providing a barrier, while the top is open. VERSATILITY: Stable doors can be used in both residential and agricultural settings.

      In the UK, the most common exterior door height is 1981mm, while the most common width is 762mm or 838mm. The thickness of external doors must be at least 40mm, but 44mm is the most common thickness. Our custom sizing options ensure that your barn or stable will fit perfectly

      Stable doors can be secure when equipped with appropriate locking mechanisms. Modern stable doors often come with robust locks that secure both the upper and lower halves.

      Stable doors are often considered pet-friendly, as they allow for easy interaction with animals while keeping them securely inside. They are especially popular in homes with dogs.

      While some experienced DIYers may be able to install a stable door, it is recommended to hire a professional for proper installation to ensure it operates smoothly and securely.

      Stable doors can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Regular inspection of hinges, latches, and locks is important to ensure smooth operation.

      Yes, stable doors can be customized to match various architectural styles and personal preferences. They can be crafted from materials like wood, composite, or metal.

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