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Simplicity and Durability with Un-Glazed Doors

The Benefits of Installing Un-Glazed Doors:

  • Simplicity and durability: Un-glazed doors are made from solid materials, making them sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Home Light - increase the amount of light that can enter your home but choosing clear glazing with you unglazed doors. 
  • Versatile design options: With a range of styles and materials available, un-glazed doors can be easily customized to suit any design preferences.
  • Energy efficiency: Without the need for glazing, un-glazed doors can provide a more energy-efficient solution, helping to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Unglazed Doors FAQs

Un-glazed doors are a type of door that are made from solid wood or other materials and they have a cut-out for where glass should go. But they do not come with glass supplied. So you are able to buy your own style glass or re-use the glass you already have. 

Un-glazed doors can be made from a variety of materials, including solid wood, MDF, and composite materials. The material you choose will depend on your specific needs and design preferences.

To maintain the appearance and function of your un-glazed door, it's important to keep it clean and free of damage. Regular inspections and maintenance should also be performed to ensure that the door continues to operate smoothly and provide the necessary level of privacy and security.

Yes, Un-glazed Doors are designed to allow for customization. You can add your preferred glass panels or leave the door open, providing flexibility in design.

Yes, Un-glazed Doors are versatile and can be adapted to various interior styles, including minimalist, rustic, contemporary, or traditional designs, offering a blank canvas for personalization.

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