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Artis Dynamic Click Vinyl Lincolnshire - 5 x 176 x 940mm
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Artis Dynamic Click Vinyl Norfolk - 5 x 176 x 940mm
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Xylo Dynamic Click Vinyl Pine Valley White - 5 x 176 x 940mm

White Oak Vinyl Flooring

The beauty of solid wood can be achieved with wood-effect vinyl flooring without the high cost. You can choose our vinyl wood flooring if you love the natural imperfections of the wood. For those looking for vinyl flooring with a wood look, our white oak vinyl collection is an excellent choice.

There is no comparison between the cost of installing vinyl plank flooring and the cost of installing oak flooring. There are many hardwood alternatives on the market today (if not the best), but rigid-core luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best. 

The main difference between vinyl plank and laminate is that vinyl is almost entirely made of plastic.

White Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you're looking for durable, easy-to-maintain tiles at an affordable price, vinyl floor tiles are the perfect flooring solution. The white vinyl floor tiles we offer come in a range of styles and colours, and are especially popular in kitchens & bathrooms.

There are many reasons why white vinyl tile flooring is a great budget-friendly, versatile, and sturdy flooring choice. You'll find the vinyl you're looking for in a wide variety of colours, from wood-effect to tile-effect. You won't regret choosing this fuss-free, DIY-friendly floor for your home.

Known for its practical and aesthetic appeal, white vinyl tile flooring is a durable, cost-effective, and versatile option. Kitchens and bathrooms benefit from vinyl's water-resistance and easy-to-clean qualities, making it an ideal choice for daily use. Our selection of vinyl plank flooring comes in a range of shades and styles, including Herringbone and Linocnshire, to match any home décor or style. As well as luxury vinyl flooring tiles (LVT), we offer underlay options that are integrated into the flooring. 

Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl flooring that clicks together is an innovative and simple flooring solution that combines great design with hassle-free installation. With many colours to choose from and low maintenance requirements, vinyl is renowned for its authentic designs.

In addition to having the same characteristics as other vinyl tiles, vinyl click flooring tiles are also quick and easy to install. The simplicity of its installation saves you money on hiring a professional. 

White click vinyl is the perfect DIY-friendly flooring if you are seeking warmth, durability, and DIY-friendliness. You can easily install these boards by clicking them together without the use of tools or glue. If you have busy areas in your home, such as your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom, white-click vinyl can be fitted just about anywhere.

In addition to making it easier to lay down the floor, the locking system also means that if a tile gets damaged, you only have to replace that tile and not the whole thing.


It is true that white vinyl floors are incredibly hardwearing and durable, but heavy furniture can leave a mark, which is more visible on white floors. To keep your white vinyl floor looking good for as long as possible, you may need to use floor protectors such as these felt pads.

The lifespan of thick, high-quality vinyl flooring bought from Door Supplies Online can exceed 25 years, while the lifespan of thinner vinyl flooring is less than 10 years. Poorly maintained laminate flooring can last only five to ten years, but laminate flooring can last between 15 and 25 years.

Even though vinyl flooring feels cooler than carpet on bare feet, it provides a warmer and more comfortable surface than natural stone or ceramic. Underfoot, thicker vinyl flooring feels softer and warmer than thinner vinyl flooring.

Regular sweeping or vacuuming, occasional mopping with a damp cloth using mild cleaners, and prompt cleaning of spills are recommended for maintaining White Vinyl flooring and preserving its appearance.

Yes, White Vinyl flooring can often be installed over existing flooring surfaces, such as tile, laminate, or vinyl, depending on the condition of the subfloor and the manufacturer's installation guidelines.

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