Pocket & Sliding Doors

A common feature in traditional Japanese architecture, pocket doors vanish into a crevice inside the wall when fully opened. Our doors come with a strong steel system with a fully retractable track. This allows us to install your door without damaging the integrity of the wall. A plasterboard is used to conceal the cavity.

Stylish and compact, pocket doors are perfect features in smaller homes, apartments, studio flats, larders, laundry rooms, ensuites and Jack and Jill bathrooms. They’re a great way to maximise space.  Maintain an uncluttered aesthetic with a pocket door, and make a minimalist, modern statement.

Popular with the Romans and used as early as the 1st century CE, pocket doors remain timeless and stylish. Add a touch of sophistication to your home with a sliding pocket door.

We stock Eclisse, LPD and JB Kind pocket door systems, available in a range of materials and colours. Our sliding glass doors and panel pocket doors are particularly popular. We also offer privacy locks, anti-slam and soft-close kits. Our prices all include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We deliver nationwide. 

Pocket/Sliding Doors (FAQs)

The sliding pocket door installation process is relatively simple. Here, we’ve used guidance from JB Kind as an example. First, the system must be unpacked. It is useful to have a mallet, spirit level and drill to hand when assembling your sliding pocket door. Clip the header rail to the brackets and side it into the top of the pocket cassette. Fix the metal jamb to the top of the header rail. Spacer bars are then positioned between the cassette and metal jamb.

Ensure the fittings are square. Fix screws as directed to secure the pocket cassette in place. Remove the spacer bars. Screw the header bar into place through the bracket. Fix plasterboard to the horizontal board on the cassette.

A cover plate is used to prevent dust and debris from entering the pocket cavity. This plate can be removed when the doors are ready to be fitted. Attached to the door are two-wheel carriages. These run inside the header. Fix bolts into the two metal plates fixed on top of each door. Cut a groove to fit the floor guide. Pocket door ironmongery should be fitted prior to fitting the door, as it can be difficult to fit once the door is installed.

When fitting the door, screw the floor guides into the cassette, and lift the door into position. The bolts should be slid into the plates and adjusted until the door is level. If you’re new to fitting doors don’t worry - all of our sliding pocket door systems come with a detailed installation guide.

We stock sliding pocket doors in a range of sizes. We sell both single and double doors. LPD doors and Eclisse doors are available in 1981mm and 2040mm (height). JB Kind Doors are available in 1981mm (height). Our sliding pocket doors range from 610mm to 1026mm (width).

We stock a range of sliding pocket door accessories. Eclisse pocket door system accessories are great when customising your door. We offer pull sets, privacy locks, soft close kits and coordination kits.