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What are architraves used for?

Versatile in range! This means that our selection is suitable for a wide variety of oak doors and walls. Choose from solid oak Ogee architraves, to Torus architraves. Adding to the flexibility of our selection, we also offer architraves with flexible options, including two distinct sizes, door sets, and finish. 

All of our solid wood interior molds are produced in-house, and we reassure our customers that each of our products is developed with quality in mind!  

Why choose us? 

Door Supplies Online boasts more than just excellent quality for their products. We value customer experience and feedback, and make sure that our customers acquire the best possible services from us. 

We offer a range of perks when buying from our store. These benefits include:

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Oak Architrave FAQs

The most common size for architraves is around 70mm (or 3 inches), which we offer across all of our products. Depending on your door, architrave sizes that will fit your door might vary.

There is a step-by-step instruction manual on fitting an architrave to your door, though it might be easier to observe how to fit an architrave effectively.

Take a look at the video below by Charlie DIYte to see how you can apply an architrave.

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Similar to applying an architrave, removing an interior mould from your door or wall can be complex. We found a very helpful video to explain the process of removing old architraves below by Skirting World. Please take a look at this 2-minute video to find out how to do this task!

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Again, it depends on the width of your door. A single architrave set is around 6 linear meters, consisting of 2 architrave lengths at 2400mm long on average.

A single door architrave can measure 1000mm length to 2 x 2200mm lengths at our selections, so if this measurement fits your door, then our architraves are for you!

While not strictly necessary, door architraves are often used to enhance the visual appeal of doors and create a polished look in interior spaces. They are a popular architectural feature for their ability to add style and character to doorways.

Door architraves can be crafted from a variety of materials, including wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), PVC, and composite materials. The choice of material often depends on the desired aesthetic, budget considerations, and maintenance preferences.

Yes, door architraves can be painted or stained to match or complement the existing decor. This customization allows for seamless integration with the overall design scheme of the room.

Yes, door architraves are available in a wide range of styles and profiles, from classic and traditional to modern and minimalist. This diversity ensures that there is a suitable architrave for various interior design preferences.

Door architraves contribute significantly to interior design by adding a decorative element to doorways. They frame the door, creating a visual focal point and adding architectural interest to the space.

Yes, door architraves can be installed on existing doors as part of a renovation or design upgrade. Professional installation ensures a seamless integration with the door and surrounding space.

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