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LPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W6 SidelightLPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W6 Sidelight
LPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W8 Sidelight
LPD Oak Majestic Sidelight
LPD Oak Frosted Sidelight
LPD Oak Empress Sidelight
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LPD Tribeca Black Door Glazed SidelightLPD Tribeca Black Door Glazed Sidelight
LPD White Sidelight Frosted
LPD Grey Sidelight Frosted
LPD Elegant White Sidelight
LPD Elegant Green SidelightLPD Elegant Green Sidelight
LPD Elegant Black Sidelight
LPD Oak Leaded Sidelight


What Are Sidelights?

An entrance door's sidelights, also called side panels, flank one or both sides of the entrance door so that larger openings can be accommodated. To let natural light into your home, designs with glass are fitted with decorative double-glazed designs.

Window sidelights are narrow windows that are installed next to a door or a large window in the glazing industry. A porch or entrance that is much wider than the average door width is likely to have them on one or both sides of the doorway. You can choose something different like patterned glass, even if the frames match the door's colour, or go with something in keeping with the style of the door.

By adding sidelights to your home, you will be able to bring in more natural light. Many homes have a dark corridor immediately following the front door without artificial lighting. Sidelights are a great option for wide doorways, even if you can also add glazed panels to your front door.

Front Doors With Sidelights

With a sidelight, your front door not only lets in additional light and opens up your hallway, but also adds a unique touch.

The beauty, sophistication, and style of front doors with sidelights create a majestic entrance to the exterior of your home. Our external doors with frosted, double-glazed, and clear-glazed sidelights will provide your home with a great first impression. They look great, are amazingly durable, and will last for years to come.

Sidelights for front doors vary in price depending on your preferences. The models and sizes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as with or without glazing bars. Also, sidelights are available in various colours and materials and can be fitted with different types of glass.

Composite Doors With Sidelights

Homeowners today can choose from a variety of solid and secure composite door options. In addition to being stylish, they offer a wide range of customisable options, so you can make your dream design your own. You can choose matching side panels to complete the look, as well as optional accessories such as handles and letter plates.

For larger openings where you might wish to replace your entrance door screens, we offer matching sidelights that complement our trimmable composite external doors.  Add a matching full or half-height composite side panel to your new or replacement composite door. Inside or outside, you can choose from any of our colours.


In addition to matching the colour of the door, the sidelights should have the same material or stain. You can, however, incorporate one or more of those colours around exterior doors if your home has a colour scheme that includes multiple colours that work together.

A front door is typically 36 inches wide but can be ordered in 2-inch increments in either direction. Similar to front doors, sidelights are typically built in 2-inch increments, usually 12 or 14 inches in diameter.

You can add beautiful sidelights to your home by adding them to either side of a door or other fixture. The sidelight curtains can cause privacy issues, so installing sidelight curtain rods can help but this can in turn reduce the amount of light that enters the home.

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