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Deanta Tubular LatchDeanta Tubular Latch
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Deanta 3 Lever Bathroom LockDeanta 3 Lever Bathroom Lock
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Deanta Hera Handle (Satin Nickel/Polished Chrome)
Atlantic Elite 3" Hinges (Satin Nickel) - Door Supplies Online
Atlantic Malta (Satin Nickel)

We’re proud to stock ironmongery from leading manufacturers

At Door Supplies Online, we’re proud to stock products from some of the UK’s foremost manufacturers including LPD Doors, Deanta and JB Kind. Check out our Deanta Handles. These handles are finished with satin nickel and polished chrome and feature a custom-designed circular rose. They are suitable for a variety of interior doors. The majority of the products in the satin nickel ironmongery collection feature a ten-year warranty. Made using exceptional quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these stylish products are built to last.

Satin nickel vs. brushed nickel - What’s the difference?

Nickel finishes are durable, aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant. They have a champagne hue and complement a huge variety of furnishings, joinery and decor. Extremely versatile, the eventual look of the nickel varies dependent on the density and the volume of plating. A satin nickel finish is a nickel-plated deposit with a non-reflective, even texture. Produced mechanically or chemically, satin nickel has been used for several decades. Brushed nickel, on the other hand, is abraded in one direction, giving the finish a brushed appearance. 

A nickel finish conceals water spots, dirt and smudges.

Satin Nickel Ironmongery FAQs

Ironmongery refers to the manufacture of materials using metal. Our ironmongery collection feature handles, hinges, locks, latches, hooks, closers and hardware packs. Metal is a brilliant material for the manufacture of these products as it is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and staining. Metal is a great choice for bathroom handles and locks as it lacks pores. This prevents the survival of bacteria, particularly if handles are disinfected regularly.

Satin nickels require little maintenance but may require occasional cleaning. They are prone to unsightly water stains and calcium stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning products with a satin nickel finish, as this may make satins worse. To clean satin nickel, fill a sink or bowl with warm water. Add several drops of mild dish soap. Wet the rag slightly with soapy water and wring it out to remove any excess. Rub the nickel with the rage to remove dirt or fingerprint grease. If stains remain, use an old toothbrush to scrub the surface. This also works well for hard to reach areas. Rotate the toothbrush in circular motions. Wipe the faucet dry.

To measure a door for door handles, it is important to identify thickness, height, stile width, backset and centre to centre. To measure tile width, measure from the edge of the door to the edge of any panelling, glazing or moulding. For the backset, use a tape measure to check the distance between the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle or knob.

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