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External door weather boards available now

Weather bars provide protection against adverse weather, making them an essential accessory for every external door. External doors are usually sturdy and long-lasting but may be damaged by rain, snow or drought. A weather bar should be attached to the bottom edge of a door and work by deflecting wind and rain. We also stock a weatherstrip, which is used to seal a door when closed.

Our range of weather boards are perfect for a number of different doors, depending on your needs. Looking for LPD weather bars? The oak and hardwood weather boards from LPD will fit your external LPD door easily, and they can be painted or treated to suit your needs.

Weather bars need to be sturdy and resistant in order to withstand the everchanging British weather. All of our weather bars have been manufactured to be hardwearing and tough, ensuring that no matter the weather, your weather bar will protect your door.

Choosing the weather bar for your external door

All our weather bars are delivered unfinished, allowing customers to personalise them to complement their existing door. The products in this range can be stained, painted or treated. Our weather bars are manufactured using engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood refers to several layers of timber glued together in different directions. A thin veneer of solid wood is then applied to the surface. The weatherstrip we stock is made from rubber and measures 6000mm.

Our weather bars are supplied by leading UK manufacturers LPD and XL Joinery. Both brands have decades of industry experience and use high-quality materials when manufacturing all of their products. You know that you will get a top-quality product.

Contact the Door Supplies Online team if you have any questions. Unsure which weather board is right for you? Want to know if an oak weather board will withstand the rain and snow? Call today on 01603 622261 to discuss your needs.

Weather Bars FAQs

Weather bars protect external doors against adverse weather. They fit securely against the bottom edge of the door, preventing excess water from running underneath it. Engineered hardwood doors and solid hardwood doors are treated before use to ensure longevity. Often, however, the underside of the door is untreated and unprotected. If exposed to moisture, untreated wood may swell and warp.

The weather bars we stock all measure 915mm x 55mm. Weather bars are designed to be easy to trim, so don’t worry if your door is a different size. You can cut the bar down to size to ensure the protection your door needs.

Weather bars are bars, typically made from wood but also available in composite or UPVC materials, that cover the lower gap between the door and the frame. This is designed to protect against adverse weather conditions, ensuring snow and rain do not get into your own. They can also extend the life of your door by providing an additional layer of protection.

You’ll need to measure the width of the door when it is closed. The measurement needs to be accurate to ensure a snug fit and prevent any water from getting by the weather board. Measure your board and then cut it down to size. You can then fix the weather board to the door with screws and filling to ensure no gaps.

You may find that rain is coming into your home underneath your front door. This could be due to a gap between the door and the frame. Installing a weather bar is an excellent way to prevent this and ensure not only the aesthetics of your doorway but also the security of your home.

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