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Lantern Window Products

Here at Door Supplies Online, we offer a range of light-enhancing lanterns. Let the natural light shine in with one of our products below:

Atlas Lantern Rooflight (Black/White)

Atlas Lantern Rooflight (Grey/White)

Atlas Lantern Rooflight (Grey)

Atlas Lantern Rooflight (Black)

Atlas Lantern Rooflight (White)

Atlas Square Lantern Rooflight (White)

Types of Lantern Windows

When it comes to lanterns, we offer a range of different colours and shapes. Our lanterns come in grey, white, and black, which ensures neutrality in your kitchen or garage space. In terms of shapes, we provide square-shaped lanterns as well as flatter designs. Clean lines are a guarantee.

All of our lanterns come double-glazed. Some of which come with an overall U-value as low as 1.2 W/m2K.

Where to Use A Lantern Window

Basically, you can put a roof lantern anywhere you have a flat roof. Most commonly, they're fitted over flat-roofed extensions and garage conversions.

They tend to provide the most benefit in kitchen diners or in any room that does not get a lot of natural light. In the kitchen, natural lighting is obviously important for food prep. A roof lantern will be able to provide you with year-round illumination.


Lantern roofs tend to come double-glazed and are fitted with robust glass. This ensures that heat loss is minimal. Not only do they let in three times as much light, but a roof lantern can also maintain three times as much heat as alternative window options.

Yes, the glass on roof lanterns holds more heat than alternative window options. They also let in much more natural lighting. Plus, most lanterns feature double glazing. With lanterns, you'll reduce your CO2 emissions.

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