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Concealed Hinges FAQs

Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges or European hinges, are a type of hinge that is not visible when the cabinet or door is closed. They are designed to create a clean and seamless look in cabinetry and furniture.

Concealed hinges are installed inside the cabinet or door, making them invisible from the outside. They typically consist of two parts: one attached to the door and the other to the cabinet. They allow the door to swing open and closed smoothly.

Concealed hinges offer a sleek and modern appearance, as they are not visible when the door is closed. They also provide a clean and uncluttered look to cabinetry and furniture.

Yes, many concealed hinges have adjustable features that allow for precise alignment and positioning of the door. This ensures a snug fit and smooth operation.

Concealed hinges are primarily designed for use with cabinet doors, but they can also be used for other types of doors, such as wardrobe doors or interior doors, as long as the door thickness and weight are compatible with the hinge.

Concealed hinges are ideal for frameless cabinets, where the door completely covers the cabinet frame. However, they can also be used in face-frame cabinets with the appropriate mounting plates.

Concealed hinges tend to be slightly more expensive than traditional surface-mounted hinges. However, they offer a more modern and streamlined look, which may be worth the investment for certain projects.

Concealed hinges come in various sizes and weight capacities. It's important to choose a hinge that is rated for the weight of the door it will be supporting. There are concealed hinges available for heavier doors.

Yes, concealed hinges can be used for retrofitting existing cabinets. However, it may require some adjustments to the cabinet and door to accommodate the new hinge.

Installing concealed hinges requires precision and careful measurements. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult a professional for proper installation.

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