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LPD Black Primed T-Lip (Pair Maker)
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LPD White Primed T-Lip (Pair Maker)
LPD Hardwood Lippings
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LPD Oak T-Lip (Pair Maker)
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XL Joinery Prefinished Oak Pair MakerXL Joinery Prefinished Oak Pair Maker
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LPD Prefinished Oak T-Lip (Pair Maker)
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XL Joinery Oak Pair MakerXL Joinery Oak Pair Maker
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XL Joinery Contemporary Oak Pair Maker
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XL Joinery Contemporary Oak Pair Maker (Metric)

This versatile collection has pair makers to suit any aesthetic

We stock pair makers in a number of different finishes and colours. Our Black and White primed T-Lip Pair Makers, for example, are a fantastic choice for a more contemporary home. Stand out from the crowd with the LPD Black Primed Pair Maker, or opt for something slightly more subtle with the LPD White Primed Pair Maker. If you’re looking for traditional charm, we recommend purchasing a Prefinished Oak Pair Maker from XL Joinery.

We stock both finished and unfinished door pair makers. All products in this range are manufactured using hardwood. They are durable, dense and require little maintenance. Many of our Pair Makers are finished oak veneer, meaning that they can be installed immediately following delivery without the need for painting, staining or treating. They are a great option for those wishing to maximise convenience. Our unfinished pair makers, meanwhile, must be finished prior to installation to ensure longevity and durability. They are a fantastic choice for customers wishing to add a personal touch to their interior as they can be easily painted, stained or varnished. The pair makers we stock are versatile. The Metric Oak Pair Maker, for example, can be used in combination with any 80” high 44mm thick metric door from the XL range. 

Proud to stock products from leading manufacturers LPD Doors and XL Joinery. 

Leading door manufacturers XL Joinery and LPD Doors have been manufacturing quality external and internal doors for more decades. Between them, these companies sell almost a million doors and associated products per year, and we are proud to work with them as a supplier. Each door is manufactured with expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials. All wood is ethically sourced. 

Renovating your home’s interior? 

Looking for design inspiration or need a new door? At Door Supplies Online, we also stock a range of internal doors, external doors, fire doors, French doors, door frames and laminate flooring. If you're searching for something special, check out our range of solid oak doors. We sell architraves and skirting boards. In our ironmongery section, we stock an extensive selection of door handles, latches and door accessories 

We offer rapid delivery across the UK. All our prices include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. 

Pair Makers FAQs

The simplest way to create a door pair is with square meeting stiles. Square meeting stiles allow the flat vertical edges of the two doors to meet. Ensure that you maintain a gap of 3mm between the doors at the central point. This prevents the doors from catching on one another when opened. This method does not require a pair maker, but we recommend adding one to conceal the unsightly gap between the two doors.

Begin by hanging the pair of doors in the door frame. Ensure that the two doors are parallel to one another and that the gap between them is continuous. Decide which door you would like to open first. The pair maker must be fitted to the opposite door.

Fit the pair maker temporarily to the chosen door edge. Make sure that the doors close and open properly, and that the height of the pair maker matches the height of the doors. Cut a notch into the top of the pair maker. This should be at the same depth as the rebate.

If there is stiffness when manoeuvring the door, remove the door without the pair maker and plane the edge slightly. The height of the pair maker can be reduced by cutting it. Ensure a perfect fit by temporarily reattaching the pair maker.

Use glue and pins to attach the pair maker to the door edge. Adjust the alignment so that the top and bottom sit flush with the door.

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