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Fire Rated Hinges FAQs

Fire Rated Hinges are specially designed door hinges that play a crucial role in fire-rated door assemblies. They are engineered to resist the impact of high temperatures and flames during a fire emergency.

Fire Rated Hinges are necessary to maintain the integrity of fire-rated doors. They contribute to preventing the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, ensuring the safety of building occupants during a fire emergency.

Yes, Fire Rated Hinges are specifically designed and tested to meet fire safety standards. They have features that enable them to withstand the conditions of a fire and are crucial components in fire-rated door systems.

Fire Fire-rated hinges are commonly used in buildings where fire-rated doors are required, such as commercial buildings, industrial facilities, schools, and residential structures. They are often specified in areas that need to comply with fire safety regulations.

Yes, Fire Rated Hinges come in different sizes to accommodate various door dimensions and weights. Choosing the right size is important to ensure proper functionality and compliance with fire safety standards.

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