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Eclisse Classic Single Pocket Door SystemEclisse Classic Single Pocket Door System
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White Primed Flush Fire Door Internal door
DSO White Primed Flush Fire Door
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White Primed Flush Door
DSO White Primed Flush Door
From £96 £110
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Eclisse Single Fire Rated Pocket Door SystemEclisse Single Fire Rated Pocket Door System
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Eclisse Classic Double Pocket Door SystemEclisse Classic Double Pocket Door System
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Eclisse Syntesis Single Pocket SystemEclisse Syntesis Single Pocket System
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Eclisse Double Fire Rated Pocket Door SystemEclisse Double Fire Rated Pocket Door System
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Eclisse Telescopic Pocket Door System SingleEclisse Telescopic Pocket Door System Single
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Deanta Single Pocket Door SystemDeanta Single Pocket Door System
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Eclisse Syntesis Double Pocket System (100mm Wall Thickness)Eclisse Syntesis Double Pocket System (100mm Wall Thickness)
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Atlantic Ermetika EvoKit Single Pocket Door System 686x1981 Door 100mm WT - Raw Wood - Door Supplies OnlineAtlantic Ermetika EvoKit Single Pocket Door System
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JB Kind White Primed Pocket Door Kit
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JB Kind Single Pocket Door System
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JB Kind Oak Pocket Door Kit
JB Kind Oak Pocket Door Kit
From £143 £166
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Deanta Double Pocket Door SystemDeanta Double Pocket Door System
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Deanta Pocket Door Soft Closer Kit
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XL Joinery Sliding Door Flush Pull

Designs And Features of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the modern, aesthetically awesome quality solution to save space, with whimsical sliding skills that will leave you feeling like you are floating with satisfaction!

There is no shortage of beautiful designs with a variety of door choices and types to explore.

The Eclisse brand of dazzling doors we stock is truly in a range and class of its own. The designs include sophisticatedly smooth finishes and details, as well as exquisite high-quality timber or glass options to choose from.

Pocket door systems

Systems like our LPD pocket systems refer to the functionality of the door, and the actual parts used to assemble the system which enables the door to slide along a wall.

A normal door has hinges holding it up, but with a pocket door, the door operates to slide with a wall cavity, holding it in place for that smooth floating effect.

There are different pocket door systems for single- and double-pocket doors, as well as timber or glass doors.

The systems holding your doors in place will be dependent on your choice of pocket doors.

The available pocket door systems and pocket door kits are super easy to install and are supplied pre-assembled for your convenience.

Pocket door accessories

Your pocket door system may require certain accessories to install and implement into your wall space.

Depending on your system and door of choice, we stock everything you need to optimise your space and make sure your pocket door system runs smoothly.

Pocket door types

The type of door most suitable for your home will depend on various factors including the wall length, the finished wall thickness for installation of a wall cavity, the available space, and the best brand etc.

We pride ourselves on always trying to accommodate clients' needs, even if we have to break down the door to do so. Customers have different requirements, specifications and spacing limitations when it comes to wanting pocket doors installed.

We will assist you identifying a suitable brand from our pocket door range, such as the JB Kind pocket door systems.

With competitive pricing, you won't have to dig too deep into your pocket!

Measurement and door sizing

Whatever your door frame measurements or wall thickness, pocket doors can be installed in any space with standard UK door sizes in stock.

Doors can be custom-made to your specifications with single, double and fire-rated options. Complete with stunning designs and styles to suit your home.

We love opening our doors to you, so you can select from our stunning door suitable for your home!

Pocket Door Systems FAQs

Yes, pocket doors can be fitted with locks. There are special locking mechanisms designed specifically for pocket doors, including privacy locks for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Models like the Eclisse sliding door system have a track or rail it runs on and whether open or closed, its transparent glass is always on display, whereas a pocket door operates by sliding into an allocated space and compartment, pre-installed in the adjacent wall.

With easy installation and a handy door kit, you could soon be on your way to opening the door to elegance and efficiency.

Depending on your door frame sizing, position and the type of pocket door system you select, we do recommend an installer for your brand-new door, to ensure the proper fitting and functioning.

The pricing of your pocket door will depend on its material, size specifications, the kit, accessories and whether it is a single or double-door unit.

There are door options from £100 to £1,600+, but we can find you the best pocket door system or pocket door kit to match your style and arrange for delivery to you.


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