What Colours You Should Paint Your Front Door If You Are Selling It This Spring

A recent Dulux Weathershield survey found that nearly a third of Brits would be willing to pay 25% extra for a house with freshly painted brickwork and a front door. A quick and simple approach to enhance the appearance of your property is to paint the entrance door in a striking colour.

When choosing the right colour front door for your home, it is easy to go for the default of black and white. However, there has been a 5000% increase in people searching for what colours are trending and what is becoming more the norm. 


 Why is a Front Door Paint Colour Important?

A front door is a potential first buyer's first insight into your home and paves the way for what they should expect when they step through the door. It is important to look for the reasons behind certain colours and the feelings that they evoke in people.

However, when choosing a front door paint colour, some factors must be considered, as some tones are not particularly popular, and some estate agents suggest that some may reduce the value of the property price. While it is essential to check what the rules are on your property and make sure there are no stipulations in place, you really have the freedom to give your door a coat of paint, whichever paint colour you so desire.

A front door is a homeowner's first opportunity to give their guests and passersby an insight into who they are and their personality. There are many elements to consider when deciding on your front door colour, such as whether it blends in with your surroundings, whether it works throughout each season and whether will it work with the style of the door.


Front Door Colour Ideas

Door Supplies have put together a list of the most popular choices that you should paint your front door:


1. Spanish Moss

Green is quickly becoming the new neutral, as homeowners prefer soothing colours to the crisp, bright whites of yesteryear. It is a deep forest green that pays homage to nature and will suit the exterior of your property and what is around it.

This midnight green has a strong connection to nature's richness, dense forests, and mossy terrains. It can be balanced with both warm and cool accents because it is rooted in the renewing power of green. Earthy shades of green bring a sense of tranquillity to your outdoor space and Spanish Moss is the perfect colour for a serene entryway.


2. Viva Magenta 

For a splash of colour, this striking shade has been The Pantone Colour Of The Year, Viva Magenta is a saturated shade that is not for those who are afraid of colour. The bold colour is "inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known," according to Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman.

Viva magenta has a beautiful meaning surrounding it as it is described as brave, fearless and a new strength. While it is a bold choice, it is a beautiful, bright colour that will entice people as it is a powerful statement of self-expression and joy. People may have a different opinion on pink, but it is hard to deny the beauty of this colour, so it is a great choice for your front door.

3. Terra Rosa

    Warmer hues are in style right now because they evoke sentiments of comfort and cosiness. Additionally, because colour trends are cyclical, warmer tones have been popular for a long. While greys ruled the decade of the 2010s after a while consumers tend to start gravitating toward the other end of the colour spectrum, ready to be surrounded by various shades of colour.

    This colour would be a great choice for any looking to add some warmth to the exterior of their home and want to add an element of cosiness to their entryway.

    4. Blank Canvas

      This colour is associated with openness, simplicity and freshness. These are important feelings to have when approaching your front door as they will give a warm welcome to your guests, and a calming effect.

      If the exterior of your property has a lot of different elements and colours to it then a white front door could be the key to toning down those other elements and providing a more classic and timeless look to your property. Pairing with classic gold ironmongery can really make your door stand out.


      5. Rustic Greige

        Grey and beige are combined to create greige paint. Greige pulls out the greatest qualities of each colour, making it both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Greige is so versatile that some people refer to it as the "ideal neutral" since it goes with both warm and cool colour palettes. Warmth and softness are added by the beige undertones, and elegance and sophistication are added by the grey.

        This colour will go beautifully with almost any brick or exterior on your property as well and gives the property a calming effect that will be perfect when selling your property and impact the effect potential buyers will have.


        6. Raspberry Blush

        Raspberry Blush is the epitome of a dynamic colour; it is never a backdrop. It evokes strong feelings of being bold, bolder, and boldest with this unapologetic shade of red-orange. It will match beautifully to certain properties and you can also match it to certain flowers which will make a beautiful entrance to many potential buyers.

        Colour Trends 2023 was created to immerse you in vibrant colour and was inspired by an artist's desire to communicate through colour, form, and music.


        7. Luscious Lemon

          It's no surprise that yellow doors are growing in popularity among homes across the UK given that warm tones of yellow and orange evoke thoughts of hope, enthusiasm, and joy.

          Try dressing up your front entrance in a cheery hue of yellow, such as Luscious Lemon, for a lively appearance. Bold, bright hues like terracotta orange and yellow have a happy, welcoming vibe that will greet guests right away. Consider adding some gold embellishments to your yellow door for a sense of sophistication, like a coordinating letterbox and door knocker.

          We hope that you found our front door colour ideas blog useful in your home improvement venture for the best-dressed doors! Painting your door can be very exciting and satisfying, so don't forget to enjoy the process. In addition, don't forget to use exterior paint to withstand bad weather.

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