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XL Joinery Oak Easi-Frame System
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XL Joinery Easi-Frame Systems


  1. Easy Installation: XL Joinery Easi-Frame Systems come with a pre-cut and pre-machined frame that can be quickly assembled, saving time and effort during installation.

  2. Versatile Design: The modular design of these systems allows for flexibility in creating different door sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a variety of interiors.

  3. Cost-Effective: With a pre-made frame, you save money on labour costs and time, as you don't need to hire a carpenter or wait for them to build a frame from scratch.

  4. Durable and Robust: Made from high-quality materials, XL Joinery Easi-Frame Systems are built to last and can withstand heavy use and regular wear and tear.

  5. Attractive Finish: These systems come with a variety of finish options, including oak, white primed and walnut, to match any interior decor.

        XL Joinery Doors FAQs

        These systems come in a variety of sizes, from 1981 x 762 mm to 2040 x 826 mm, and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

        These systems are designed to be easy to install and can be completed by a DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter.

        Yes, XL Joinery Easi-Frame Systems are available in fire-rated options and meet all relevant safety standards.

        With proper care and maintenance, these systems can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for your door frame needs.

        Yes, all XL Joinery Easi-Frame Systems come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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