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LPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W6 SidelightLPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W6 Sidelight
LPD Black Primed Soho Glazed W8 Sidelight
LPD Oak Majestic Sidelight
LPD Oak Frosted Sidelight
LPD Oak Empress Sidelight
LPD Grey Sidelight Frosted
LPD White Sidelight Frosted
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LPD Tribeca Black Door Glazed SidelightLPD Tribeca Black Door Glazed Sidelight
LPD Oak Leaded Sidelight
LPD Elegant Black Sidelight
LPD Elegant Green SidelightLPD Elegant Green Sidelight
LPD Elegant White Sidelight

Enhance the Look of Your Home with LPD Sidelights

Benefits of LPD Sidelights:

  • Enhance the curb appeal of your home with stylish and modern designs
  • Improve natural lighting in your entryway without sacrificing privacy
  • Increase security with tempered glass and sturdy construction
  • Reduce energy costs by reducing drafts and keeping heat in
  • Customizable options to fit any door frame size and style

      Deanta Doors FAQs

      Our sidelights are made of high-quality wood or uPVC frames with tempered glass for added durability and security.

      Yes! We offer customizable options for both the size and style of our sidelights to fit any door frame.

      Yes, our sidelights are designed to reduce drafts and keep heat in, which can help reduce energy costs.

      Our sidelights come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be installed by a professional or experienced DIY-er.

      Yes, we offer a 10-year warranty on all of our sidelights.

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