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Solid oak fire doors

Interior doors vary from fire doors in terms of functionality. For most homeowners, the difference between fire doors and other interior doors is not immediately obvious. The doors look similar in style, making them ideal for use in the home. They will perfectly match your home aesthetic without compromising on style or safety.

Fire doors undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are fit for purpose, and should continually be inspected to ensure your safety. Oak fire doors should close to latch automatically, ensuring that the door cannot be opened again without turning the handle. The gaps between the door and the frame should be no less than 4mm at the sides and the top of the door, with a gap of less than 8mm at the bottom.

You will know that your oak fire door is secure as you will receive a certification with the door upon delivery. Safe fire doors also have plugs or labels on the top or side to show that they are certified. If you have any questions about your door, contact Door Supplies Online today.

Choosing your perfect oak fire door UK

Fire doors put your safety at the forefront of the design, and the latest innovations mean that your new oak fire door will not only protect from fire but also look good in your home. At Door Supplies Online, we stock an extensive range of popular brands to help you choose the right interior door for your home.

The range of LPD oak fire doors are perfect for any home. Most of their designs have an interior door and a fire door alternative, ensuring that you can create a consistent look throughout your home. We also stock the XL Joinery oak shaker range with a number of fire doors available to buy now.

Deanta oak fire doors come in a range of classic designs, making it easy to add a timeless look to your home. Looking for modern designs? The JB Kind contemporary oak fire doors are an excellent choice, combining fashionable designs with safety to ensure your home is secure and can withstand potential fires. The Door Supplies Online fire door prices start from over £100, making it easy to prevent fires in your home.

Oak Fire Doors FAQs

Fire doors require a fire-resistance rating, demonstrating how long they can withstand fire in the event of an emergency. This resistance gives you and your family time to evacuate the building. Designed to be kept closed, they create an effective barrier between the fire and the rest of the home.

Fire doors often have a gap of less than 4mm from the top and sides and less than 8mm from the bottom. Oak fire doors will also have a label or plug on the sides or top to demonstrate the fire rating. Most manufacturers will provide you with a fire safety certificate with each purchase.

Traditionally, oak fire doors will have an MDF or similar core inside, providing great stability and ensuring that they can withstand fires for a specified length of time. Most interior fire doors are FD30 rated, meaning that they can withstand half an hour in a fire.

Contrary to popular belief, fire doors can have glass in them. The glass must be fire-rated, providing protection against fire and slowing the spread of fire and smoke. These doors are perfect for office buildings and dark rooms where you want natural light to flow in.

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