XL Joinery Oak Shaker Door Pair Clear Glazed

Options: 1981mm x 915mm (36")
Price (Inc VAT):


  • Compatible with: XL Joinery Oak Shaker 4 Panel, XL Joinery Oak Shaker Obscure Glazed,¬†XL¬†Joinery Oak Shaker Clear Glazed,¬†XL¬†Joinery Oak Shaker Bi-Fold,¬†XL Joinery Oak Shaker Clear Glazed Bi-Fold
  • Species: Engineered Oak
  • Glazing:¬†Clear Safety
  • Raised Moulding:¬†N/A¬†
  • Firecheck doors available: XL Joinery Oak Shaker 4 Panel¬†Fire Door,¬†XL Joinery Oak Shaker Obscure Glazed Fire Door,¬†XL Joinery Oak Shaker Clear Glazed Fire Door
  • Unfinished
  • Rebated Pair (With doors opening towards you, the right door will open first)
  • All sizes¬†1981mm x 1067mm, 1168mm, 1220mm, 1372mm, 1524mm¬†are supplied 40mm thickness.


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