XL Joinery White Freefold System

Options: Freefold2 - 2090x1278x120mm
Price (Inc VAT):


  • White Primed door frame system for folding/sliding room dividers
  • Freefold Systems include: White Primed frame (heads, jambs, stops), floor mounted guide and all hardware except handles.
  • Overall frame dimensions are shown in the images above or the table below. N.B The door jamb depth is 120mm, the head is 135mm deep.
  • Frame supplied White Primed ready for painting
  • The freefold can be installed to suit any of the configurations shown above, using any standard XL Joinery White Primed doors available in a 1981x610mm size.
  • Freefold system is not handed (left or right) and is therefore also available in mirrored versions of the configurations shown above
  • Products contain engineered timber components including laminated timber, MDF or particleboard.
Freefold Description External Frame Size
Freefold 2 2090x1278x120mm
Freefold 3 2090x1890x120mm
Freefold 4 2090x2502x120mm
Freefold 5 2090x3114x120mm
Freefold 6 2090x3726x120mm

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