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LPD Oak Belize
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LPD Ladder Fire Rated
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What Kind Of Internal Doors Can I Choose?

Just as the choice of colours and styles for decorating your home is massive, so the range of interior doors is just as wide.

So you can match the mood you’re looking to create with a style of door that makes for the perfect introduction to what lies behind it.

Take your time to browse through our wide choice of internal doors, which covers oak doors, white doors, walnut doors, pine doors and hardwood doors. If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, take a look at our doors in a number of other finishes, such as a range of veneers and stains.

The choice of glazing options for your internal doors is just as wide, with designs on offer with up to four glass panels, or lights.

When you find an internal door for sale that you like, you can just click on its picture on the page, and you’ll see an instant enlarged detail of it. So you can see close-ups of such details as the grain of the veneer and the colour. That way, you can fully satisfy yourself that you’ve made the right choice.

For bigger rooms, or if you really want to create a feeling of greater space, why not consider bifold internal doors? This style of door folds back on itself to help really make the most of the available space, and give you more options for arranging your furniture.

We also understand that not all houses are created equal - so if you don’t have standard internal door sizes, get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know what options are available to you. Our range of made to measure internal doors means we’re sure to be able to help you!

The style and colour scheme of your glass interior doors or interior French doors can do wonders for the amount of light you enjoy inside your home too, so this is also something worth giving serious thought to as you browse through our extensive range.

Buying doors online will save you time and bother, because you can browse at your own pace, and get all the information you need to help you with your choice along the way.

So why not open yourself up to the latest styles and choices available, and take a look at Door Supplies Online. Best of all, unlike many doors, and the businesses selling them, we’re ‘open’ 24-7!

Interior Doors FAQs

The most common internal door size in the UK is 6 feet 6 inches high by 2 feet 6 inches wide. The precise metric measurements of these doors are 1,981mm high x 762mm wide x 35mm thick. These sizes date back to the days when imperial, rather than metric, measurements were standard and are what’s found in the vast majority of domestic and commercial buildings.

All the measurements you’ll see quoted on our site are for the inside of the door frame. To be sure that you’re buying the right size, take measurements of the width at the top, middle and bottom of the door, and use the widest of these measurements as the door width you require. Do the same for the door height. Measure inside the vertical side of the frame and use the longest length to get the height required.

Interior doors tend to open inwards, because if they were fitted to be outward opening, they are likely to encroach on a hallway or other kind of common area of some kind. So there’s a risk that doors that open onto these areas might knock into anyone walking by.

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