LPD Adoorable Hardwood Westminster

Options: 1981mm x 762mm (30")
Price (Inc VAT):


  • Species: Engineered Hardwood
  • Construction: Mortise & Tenon
  • Raised Mouldings: One side Only 
  • Glazing: Lead Double Glazed
  • Unfinished
  • All external doors are supplied 44mm thickness
  • LPD finishing guidelines for external joinery products:
    Use a proprietary branded Hi-Build stain or paint and treat in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
    Lightly sand between coats to provide the best finish, ensuring adequate drying time is allowed between coats.
    Where necessary it is important that doors and frames are fully sealed on the two faces and all edges, and areas which are cut-out for hinges/locks etc. must also be fully sealed.
    LPD external joinery is not suitable for varnishes, waxes, polishes, dyes, oils including Danish Oil, yacht varnish or lacquers, as the finishes do not protect our products.

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