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JB Kind FL&B
JB Kind FL&B
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JB Kind L&B
JB Kind L&B
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JB Kind Gate
JB Kind Gate
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JB Kind Oxford Arched Gate

Promoting functionality without compromising style

Our range of JB softwood doors is practical and durable, making them a perfect addition to any property. All doors and gates from this range are delivered unfinished, making them great for those wishing to express individual flair. Our doors can be painted or stained to compliment every aesthetic. Try adding JB Kind's Oxford Arched Gate to your shed, barn or fence for a rustic look.

Our collection of JB Kind softwood doors is perfect for customers on a budget

Softwood doors are slightly cheaper than their hardwood counterparts, making them ideal for those on a budget. Versatile and stylish, the JB Kind softwood door collection has always been popular with our customers.

Advocating for sustainability

All of the doors in this collection are manufactured using softwood. Softwood trees are evergreen and grow much faster than their deciduous hardwood counterparts. They are considered, therefore, to be more of a renewable resource.

We offer doors in a range of sizes

We stock JB Kind softwood doors in a range of sizes. We sell both single and double doors. Our smallest single doors start from 1981mm x 610mm (24”). We also stock gates. For a bigger property, we recommend the JB Kind Gate, which features dimensions of 915mm x 915 mm (36”) to 1067mm x 1067mm.

JB Kind: Trusted door suppliers for more than three decades

We are proud to stock softwood external doors from JB Kind. JB Kind has supplied wooden doors to property owners in the UK for more than three decades, and timber specialists for over 150 years. With over ¼ million doors sold every year, you can trust JB Kind to produce doors of exceptional quality. Like us, JB Kind works to promote sustainability and strives to ensure a more ethical industry. All wood used in the manufacture of JB Kind Softwood external doors is purchased from legal wood sources. Many doors produced by JB Kind hold the coveted FSC Forestry Stewardship Council certification.

Order your new door today!

Get in touch with us today to find out more, or order your new external door online. We offer delivery across the UK. All our prices include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We process all orders within four working days. For products in stock, delivery normally takes between 5-10 working days. We accept payment by Klarna.

Looking for design inspiration?

Want to add a finishing touch to your new JB Kind external softwood door? If you’re looking for a door handle, latch or hinge, our ironmongery collection is packed with door accessories to suit every style. We also sell door locks.

If you're looking to redesign your home's interior, we stock an extensive range of interior doors, fire doors, architraves, skirting boards and trims. Check out our oak doors, bifold doors, ledged doors, glazed doors and flush doors. We stock several brands of internal doors, including XL Joinery and LPD. In a rush? Try one of our pre-finished doors!


Harwood is typically harvested from deciduous trees. Deciduous trees shed their leaves annually and typically grow slower than Evergreen trees, which are used to manufacture softwood doors. Softwood tree species include Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pine and Hemlock. Hardwood tree species include Eucalyptus, Balsa, Mahogany, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum.

Hardwood doors are popular with customers due to their longevity, easy maintenance, strength and ability to resist fire. Softwood is a cheaper alternative to hardwood and is arguably more sustainable. It is also easier to work with and more versatile. Softwood offers a unique, beautiful finish, and can be painted or stained to compliment any property.

Our collection of JB Kind Hardwood external doors ranges in price from £63.54 to £94.64. We also stock gates, which range in price from £63.54 to £92.45.

All doors in this collection must be painted with varnish prior to installation or exposure to weather. We recommend using a sealant on face knots prior to painting. This should prevent resin bleeding. Resin bleeding may occur when softwood is exposed to ultraviolet light. Fill screw or staple holes. Softwood requires little maintenance, but we recommend giving your external door an occasional clean. Combine warm water and mild dish soap in a bowl, and use a non-abrasive, clean sponge to gently wipe the surface of your door. This should remove any marks or dirt. Use a dry sponge to remove excess soap or water if required.

JB Kind Softwood Boarded Exterior Doors are exterior doors crafted from high-quality softwood materials. These doors are designed for outdoor use, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the exterior of homes and properties.

Softwood is chosen for its durability, stability, and resistance to weather conditions. It is a natural choice for exterior doors, offering a combination of strength and versatility in various climates.

Yes, JB Kind Softwood Boarded Exterior Doors are designed to withstand different weather conditions. However, proper finishing and maintenance are recommended to enhance their longevity and performance.

Yes, JB Kind Softwood Boarded Exterior Doors can be painted or stained to match individual style preferences and complement the overall exterior design of a property.

JB Kind offers a range of styles and designs for Softwood Boarded Exterior Doors. Homeowners can choose from various patterns, finishes, and panel configurations to suit their aesthetic preferences.

While Softwood Boarded Exterior Doors offer natural insulation, additional measures such as proper sealing and the use of energy-efficient glass can enhance their overall energy efficiency.

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