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At Door Supplies Online, we understand that your style is as individual as you are. Choose the perfect door to complement the aesthetic of your home’s interior from our collection of engineered Oak veneered exterior Oak doors. Traditionally, Mahogany and Meranti were the preferred wood species for door manufacture. Oak exterior doors, however, are becoming increasingly popular. 

Why buy an Oak wood exterior door?

Stylish and durable, Oak has a more conspicuous grain than both Mahogany and Meranti, and is lighter in colour, making it easier to customise and stain. Oak wood is stylish, durable, and requires little maintenance. Every piece of Oak wood features a unique grain, making your door one of a kind. We stock engineered Oak external doors from LPD, XL Joinery and JB Kind. Heavy and dense, Oak doors are natural insulators, enabling you to conserve energy. If you live in a busy area, Oak doors are perfect for keeping sound out. They can even increase the value of your property. 

We offer a variety of styles, colours and sizes

We offer an extensive range of Oak exterior doors in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. Our Oak panel exterior doors are perfect for a more traditional look. Want a lighter hallway? Try a door with a glass panel. Oak exterior French doors are great for adding rustic European charm to a property. All glass panels are double-glazed, making them excellent insulators of sound. For increased privacy, we also offer glazed Oak doors with frosted glass panels. All our exterior doors are supplied at 44mm thickness. 

We stock both finished and unfinished doors. Our finished doors are available in an extensive range of colours and can be installed immediately after delivery. Make a statement with a black glazed door, or opt for subtle elegance with a light green sidelight. To add a personal touch to your property, try ordering an unfinished door. Oak is naturally light in colour, so is perfect to stain or paint. When painting or treating your door, make sure to sand and allow the paint to dry between coats. We recommend using OSMO Door Oil when treating your door. 

Looking for design inspiration?

Redesigning your home’s interior? Check out our collection of chairs, tables and shelves. If you’re looking for a door handle, latch or hinge, our hardware collection is packed with door accessories to suit every style. We also sell seals and door stops. 

No hidden costs and nationwide delivery

Our Oak interior doors are made from quality European and North American Oak. Some of our doors are crafted by our team of in-house experts. All the Oak used in our products is ethically sourced. Our prices all include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We deliver nationwide. We process all orders within four working days. For products in stock, delivery normally takes between 5-10 working days. 


Wipe the door down with a clean, dry cloth. Follow the direction of the wood’s natural grain. Dip the cloth in clean, warm water and wring it out. Gently wipe down the door again. If stains remain, use a small dash of washing up liquid. If needed, add a drop of white vinegar and a small amount of olive oil. Wipe down the door for a final time. Use a paintbrush to clean around the trim of the door, the handle and any natural gaps in the surface of the wood. We recommend cleaning your wooden exterior door at least every month.

Before painting, remove the door from the hinges and detach any hardware, such as handles or doorknobs. Ensure that your door is clean, and sand down any rough sections. Sanding is crucial to remove surface shine and previous paint. Wipe down your door with a damp cloth to get rid of any sawdust from sanding. Your painting technique will depend on the design of your door. If your door is panelled, begin by painting the panels and the mouldings surrounding them. Paint the cross rails, starting with the rail at the top of the door.

If you have a glazed door, make sure to use masking tape to protect the glass panels. Start by painting the mouldings around the glass. Paint the cross rails, outer verticals and progress to the exposed door edges. Veneer doors should be painted using a thin coat, with each layer left to dry before applying the next. Leave the door for 3-4 days before placing it back on its hinges.

First, measure the width of the door. This should be done by taking three measurements inside the door frame - at the top, middle and base. The widest of these measurements should be recorded as the door width. Determine the height of the door by measuring each vertical side. Again, record the longest width. Record the thickness of the door frame by running the tape measure along the edge of the door. Standard door widths in the UK are 610mm, 686mm, 762mm and 838mm. Standard door heights are 1981mm and 2040mm. Door thickness is normally 35mm or 40mm. Fire doors are 45mm thick.

Oak is renowned for its durability and natural beauty, making it a popular choice for exterior doors. Its robust nature ensures longevity, while the distinctive grain patterns add a touch of elegance to the entryway.

Yes, oak exterior doors are well-suited for various weather conditions. Properly treated and finished oak doors are highly resistant to moisture, making them a reliable choice for exterior applications.

Many manufacturers offer customization options for oak exterior doors, allowing homeowners to choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes to suit their specific preferences and architectural styles.

Oak exterior doors may come pre-finished with a protective coating, or they may require finishing. The finish options depend on the specific product, so it's advisable to check with the supplier or manufacturer.

Oak is a naturally insulating material, providing some level of energy efficiency. Additionally, oak exterior doors can be paired with double or triple glazing options for enhanced insulation and energy efficiency.

Absolutely. Oak exterior doors are versatile and suitable for various settings, including residential homes, commercial establishments, and other exterior applications where a durable and stylish entry is desired.

Many oak exterior doors come equipped with secure locking systems to ensure the safety and security of the property. Homeowners can choose models with additional security features based on their preferences.

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