XL Joinery Oak Easi-Frame System

Options: Easi-Frame System 2017x3000mm
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  • Engineered Oak door frame system for pairs of doors and room dividers
  • Overall frame dimensions are 2017x3000mm. Pack includes 2x frame jambs/legs, 1x frame head, 2x central mullions
  • Frames will need to be cut down on the height as well as to suit the desired overall width, as allowances have been made for different floor coverings
  • Frame jamb/legs and frame head are 20mm thick (at the point the door/sidelight closes into them), and the central mullions are also 20mm thickness (at the point the doors/sidelights close onto them) - please make allowances for these items and gapping in your calculations.
  • Frame supplied unfinished
  • Any configuration you desire, using demi/semi panels and/or any standard XL Joinery Oak doors to suit the space available
  • The following doors are available in demi panel size (306mm) and/or semi panel size (610mm) : XL Joinery Oak Pattern 10 Clear Glazed, XL Joinery Oak Shaker Clear Glazed, XL Joinery Oak Worcester Clear Glazed

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