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SuperFOIL Superior TapeSuperFOIL Superior Tape
SuperFOIL Standard Tape 100mm x 20mSuperFOIL Standard Tape 100mm x 20m

Types of Insulation

From silver insulation, reflective insulation or aluminium foil insulation, the insulation options for SuperFOIL products are extensive. Embarking upon your options is exciting, as you will be saving money and time, which are two valuable commodities in this economic climate.

Do away with radiators and cover your roof's walls and floor with foil insulation.

It’s corrosion resistant and entails the installation of a product called reflective aluminium foil (this is not your average tin foil if you were wondering!).

Thermo-foam and polypropylene are added to the layers of reflective foil for optimum thermal performance and serve as a radiant barrier.

The layers of our air bubble insulation rolls are used for insulating industrial buildings, or to protect your house or property by retaining any warm or heated air in the winter. This effectively reduces heat loss, whilst also serving as a radiant barrier, keeping temperatures cool during summer.

General-purpose insulation wrap is manufactured with coated aluminium faces as part of the triple-layer air bubble insulation.

The reflective aluminium facing in the foil insulation helps to redirect warm air reflecting heat back to where it escaped from, being your warm home, garden building or even industrial buildings or structures.

Where to Use SuperFOIL Insulation

The multi-purpose insulation can be used almost anywhere so you can do away with radiators.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, under floors or for commercial or industrial builds, you can use SuperFOIL insulating products on any roof walls and floors, as loft insulation.

The most obvious use is as floor insulation or for roofs, but as a dry lining system, general-purpose insulation can be used in a range of applications.

This range is suitable for securing and protecting any wall or door. It will do wonders for your garage door with garages being damp or freezing, or unbearably hot and boiling during the extremities of high or low-temperature months.

SuperFOIL Products

We are proud suppliers of this high-performance product. We have a range of SuperFOIL products, and just to give you an idea, we have set out the Single and Double Bubble product specs below.

SuperFOIL Double Foil Single Bubble product:

  • R-value for roof: 0.47
  • R-value for the wall: 0.71
  • R-value for the floor: 1.4

SuperFOIL Double Foil Double Bubble product:

  • R-value for the roof: 1.04
  • R-value for the wall: 1.47
  • R-value for the floor: 2.79

Protect and secure your home and access the best thermal performance product on the market for a new build or existing projects. Access all the products on our site. 

Need help? Give us a shout to help with any insulation questions.


SuperFOIL insulation works fantastically! It offers more than thermal protection: you will save money on energy bills and save time by not having to deal with the usual occurrences associated with homes, including dampness and mould.

There are many applications to secure your home, whether it is foil wrap insulation or thermal foil insulation.

The ultimate purpose is preventing mould, reducing draughts, and minimising moisture on your walls or floors which will save you in the long run.

The U-value is used to calculate the components in structures of roofs, walls and ceilings.

The U-value of SuperFOIL solutions depends on the combination of insulation products, but as per their Insulation brochure, the U-value solutions offered are as low as U0.10.

SuperFOIL insulation is suitable to secure optimal thermal conditions for any roof, wall, floor or garage door.

Its thermal performance technology is designed to take advantage of low emissivity air gaps to trap the warmth and retain self-sufficient warmth by simply insulating with multi-layer air bubble technology.

Installed as a continuous layer, this means that you are minimising air gaps, have minimal wastage and maximise performance.

As a fully flexible product, you can install it in any space, irrespective of the shape or challenge and simply cut it at the end of your roll, to use in another space later with minimal waste.

SuperFOIL is designed for various applications, including walls, roofs, floors, and conservatories. Its versatility makes it suitable for both new construction projects and retrofitting existing structures.

SuperFOIL enhances energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer. Its reflective surface reflects radiant heat, helping to keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. This, in turn, reduces the reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy cost savings.

Yes, SuperFOIL is designed for easy installation. Its user-friendly features, such as flexibility and lightweight construction, facilitate a straightforward installation process. Both DIY enthusiasts and professionals can benefit from its ease of handling.

SuperFOIL is engineered with superior moisture resistance, acting as an effective barrier against dampness and condensation. This not only preserves the integrity of the insulation but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment by preventing mold and mildew growth.

Yes, SuperFOIL is an eco-friendly insulation solution. It is manufactured using materials with low environmental impact and contributes to sustainable living practices. Its energy efficiency properties also align with green building initiatives.

Absolutely. SuperFOIL is suitable for use in both new construction projects and retrofitting existing structures. Its adaptability and versatility make it a practical choice for a wide range of insulation applications.

Despite its high thermal resistance, SuperFOIL is designed to be slim and space-efficient. The insulation achieves its performance with minimal thickness, allowing for effective insulation without compromising valuable living space.

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