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LPD Clear Pine 2P Half Door Success
LPD Clear Pine 2P Half Door
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LPD Pine Richmond Clear Unglazed Internal door

Clear pine interior doors

Pine doors never go out of style thanks to its seemingly timeless appearance. The LPD clear and semi-clear internal pine doors are ideal for tighter budgets. Cheap pine doors don’t compromise on quality or aesthetics, giving you a stunningly beautiful door designed to last a lifetime.

These solid pine doors are excellent as barriers between rooms, ensuring that you can easily close off and open up rooms without issue. However, for darker rooms you may want to allow more natural light in. The LPD glazed pine doors do just that, with the top half of the doors holding glass panels to let natural light flow into the room. With a sturdy design, they prevent any unwanted drafts into the room while still letting light in.

Prices for LPD pine internal doors vary between £79.39 and £87.48, making this range not only affordable but also perfect for modest budgets. You won’t lose any quality at this price and you can rest assured that these doors are solid.

Choosing the solid pine internal door for your home

The classic appearance of a solid pine door with its natural grain means that you’ll get a unique appearance in every door. This beautiful grain not only adds character to your home but also is a charming addition to any room. All of the LPD pine doors available from Door Supplies Online come unfinished so that you can stain and treat them however you desire.

With both half doors and full doors available, you’ll be able to create the entryway you deserve in your home. You can use the half doors to create a folding door and save space. With solid and glazed doors available, you’ll be able to let light into a room or block out light depending on your needs.

Due to the nature of the timber used, we are unable to offer any guarantees against warping, splitting or shrinkage on any knotty pine doors. Got questions about choosing the right pine door for your home? Contact the Door Supplies Online team now. We can offer you honest and professional advice on the right door for you.

Pine Doors FAQs

Yes, pine doors can easily be painted and stained. The natural colour of the wood means that it holds colour easily. In order to get the best finish for your pine door, you should use one coat of primer and one coat of undercoat before you apply the desired top coat to the wood.

Pine doors, like many other types of wooden doors, can warp with the heat. In winter, you may find that the door swells, while in the summer it shrinks. This constant movement can cause the door to change shape. Treating the door can help to prevent this.

White is an excellent colour choice for any door, as it provides a beautiful blank canvas and brightens up a room. Plus, white goes with all types of decor. Painting a pine door white requires you to add a coat of primer and undercoat before you add the paint. Depending on the paint used, you may need to use more than one coat.

Internal pine doors tend to be relatively cheap compared to other types of solid wooden doors. Typically, internal pine doors will cost around £87 for a full door and £79 for a half door, depending on the seller, brand, and other factors.

First, you’ll need a clean paintbrush to apply the varnish. Spread the varnish evenly across the pine door, taking care to keep the coat as even as you can. Once you have done this, you can then use a rag to wipe down any excess and achieve an even coat. When the varnish has been left to dry for 24 hours, you can then varnish the other side. Or you can ask our professional team to do this for you. This is one of the quality services we provide.

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