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JB Kind Tigris ExtremeJB Kind Tigris Extreme

Opt for convenience with our pre-finished doors

All of the doors in this collection are pre-finished, meaning that they can be installed immediately after delivery. They can also be painted, making them perfect for those wanting to express individual style. For a minimalist, modern look, we recommend cool, neutral shades, such as the original pre-finished white, grey or black. To compliment older, more traditional properties, try using a colour with a warmer tone. Opt for Chestnut Brown for a rustic charm, or be bold with crimson red. As these doors are pre-finished, painting or varnishing is not essential. It is crucial, however, that any planed edges are resealed immediately. 

Considering glass panels?

Some of the doors in the JB Kind Extreme External collection feature glass panels. Thermally efficient and sturdy, these panels are manufactured with Pilkington double glazing. Glazed doors are great for increasing the flow of light into a property, and can create something of an open plan feel without the need for complex renovations. The glass panels in JB Extreme External doors are frosted for added privacy. 

Ethically sourced wood?

With over 150 years of industry experience, JB Kind is one of the UK’s leading door manufacturers. Like us, JB Kind prioritises environmental sustainability and the ethical sourcing of wood for their products. All wood used in the manufacture of JB Kind’s Extreme Door range is sourced from legal wood providers. Many doors in this collection hold the globally recognised FSC Forestry Stewardship Council certification. We are proud to stock JB Kind’s Extreme Doors collection. 

Our prices all include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We deliver nationwide. We process all orders within four working days. For products in stock, delivery normally takes between 5-10 working days. 


We recommend painting your door prior to installation. If you decide to paint your door after installation, it is advisable to detach any hardware, such as door knobs or handles. Make sure that the door is clean, and that any rough edges are sanded down. After sanding, wipe down your door with a damp cloth to remove dust and sawdust.

If your door is panelled, start by painting the panels and surrounding mouldings. Paint the cross rails, beginning with the rail at the top of the door. If your door is glazed, use masking tape to protect the glass panels. Paint the mouldings around the glass and the outer verticals. Paint the exposed door edges.

Use thin coats of paint, and leave each layer to dry completely before applying the next coat.

Prior to painting, remove the door from the hinges and detach any hardware, such as handles or door knobs. Ensure that your door is clean, and sand down any rough sections. Sanding is crucial to remove surface shine and previous paint. Wipe down your door with a damp cloth to get rid of any sawdust from sanding. Your painting technique will depend on the design of your door. If your door is panelled, begin by painting the panels and the mouldings surrounding them. Paint the criss rails, starting with the rail at the top of the door.

If you have a glazed door, make sure to use masking tape to protect the glass panels. Start by painting the mouldings around the glass. Paint the cross rails, outer verticals and progress to the exposed door edges. Veneer doors should be painted using a thin coat, with each layer left to dry before applying the next. Leave the door for 3-4 days before placing it back on its hinges.

  • First, check whether any alterations to the door need to be made. To do this, hold your new door against the doorframe. Note any differences in dimension.
  • Your door may require trimming. If there is little difference in dimension, try trimming from the hanging edge. When trimming from the hanging edge, errors are less noticeable. Larger alterations should be made by trimming equally from both sides of the door. Use a sharp plane for small adjustments and a saw for a larger one. There is a significant difference in dimension, get in touch with us. Trimming the door too much may compromise structural integrity and stability.
  • Mark the position of your hinges. Use good quality hinges which incorporate steel washers. Use a sharp chisel and make cuts for the hinge plates in the edge of the door to correspond with those in the frame.
  • Fix the hinges and install the door in the frame. Attach the remaining plate to the corresponding cut out in the frame.
  • If applicable, attach the lock or latch mechanism to the edge of the door. If your door is panelled, make sure to avoid rail joints. Affixing a lock or latch to a rail joint may significantly weaken the joint.
  • JB Kind Extreme External Doors arrive pre-finished, so do not require treatment following installation. Remember to install a weather bar to prevent moisture damage. Doors in this collection include a matt silver weather bar.

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