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Solid Oak doors - a good investment?

Sturdy, heavy and water-resistant, solid Oak external doors are a fantastic investment. Doors made from Oak are also extremely dense, making them great insulators. Investing in a solid Oak door may also add value to your property. Our collection of solid Oak external doors is built to last. With a high tannin content, Oak wood is very resistant to insect and fungal infestations, making it a perfect material for manufacturing external doors.  Solid Oak is unlikely to warp when exposed to sunlight and is resistant to water. 

With an unfinished door, the possibilities are endless!

With a prominent, unique grain, our solid Oak doors lend a rustic grandeur to the exterior of any property. For a more contemporary look, try one of our half-glazed doors. Each door is available in a range of sizes. All doors in this collection are unfinished, enabling you to personalise them with a paint or varnish of your choice. Exude contemporary elegance with a neutral tone. Black, grey or white paint is sure to complement a more modern interior. For a bolder look, try finishing your door with Garnet Red or Forest Green. 

Our collection of solid Oak external doors also features doors with glazed panels. All glass is double glazed, promoting energy conservation and sound insulation. Glazed doors are perfect for promoting light flow throughout your hallway and home. For added privacy, we offer doors with frosted glass panels. 

Some solid Oak door maintenance tips

We suggest using Osmo Door Oil when finishing your door. Other than the occasional clean, these doors require very little maintenance. We do, however, recommend that you apply a protective oil or varnish prior to fitting, and reapply this varnish every two to three years to ensure the longevity of your door. With the right care, solid Oak doors can last for a lifetime. 

In need of some interior design inspiration?

Renovating the interior of your property? Check out our range of Oak furnishings. Complement your new solid Oak door with a table, shelf, or set of dining chairs. We also offer Oak architraves and skirting boards. 

All of our solid Oak doors are supplied at 44mm thickness. Our prices all include VAT, so you can be sure of no hidden costs. We deliver nationwide, and you can expect to receive your door 2-3 weeks after the initial order. 


Great for those on a budget, engineered Oak doors are made by combining a plywood core with thin sections of timber. Plywood is multiple layers of hardwood bonded together in opposite directions, promoting strength and structural integrity. Solid Oak doors, in contrast, are made entirely from one solid continuous piece of Oak, as the name suggests. Many engineered Oak doors use thin veneers, so are more vulnerable to damage than their solid Oak counterparts.

We think so! Solid Oak doors may seem expensive, but they are a great investment. With proper care, a solid Oak door can last a lifetime. Timeless and versatile, natural Oak can be re-sanded and finished to create an entirely new look. With a high volume of tannin, our solid Oak external doors are resistant to insects and fungal diseases. They also have a high density, so make great draft excluders.

Solid Oak doors require very little maintenance but can benefit from the occasional cleaning. Use a clean cloth to wipe down your door. For stubborn stains, add a dash of washing up liquid and a splash of olive oil to warm water. Wring out the excess water from the cloth and wipe down the door. If unfinished, you should treat or paint your solid Oak door prior to installation. We recommend using Osmo Door Oil to treat your door.

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