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LPD Soho W6 Room Divider Set
LPD Soho W4 Room Divider Set
LPD Oak Reims W6 Room Divider SetLPD Oak Reims W6 Room Divider Set
LPD Soho W8 Room Divider Set
LPD Greenwich W8 Room Divider Set
LPD Greenwich W6 Room Divider Set
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LPD Solid White Primed Manhattan W6 Room Divider Set
LPD Greenwich W4 Room Divider Set
LPD Oak Reims W8 Room Divider SetLPD Oak Reims W8 Room Divider Set
LPD Oak Reims W4 Room Divider SetLPD Oak Reims W4 Room Divider Set
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LPD Oak Lincoln W8 Room Divider Set
LPD Oak Lincoln W4 Room Divider Set
LPD Oak Lincoln W6 Room Divider Set

Stunning French door room dividers

The Door Supplies Online range of divider doors are perfect for a variety of settings. If you have an open plan kitchen and dining room, adding a set of glazed room dividers will help to keep the areas separate without blocking light. They are also effective in separating living rooms from playrooms or office areas.

The clear glazing allows you an unobstructed view of the room, allowing light to flow through while still separating the areas into two distinct zones. We also offer our glass door room dividers with clear bevelled and toughened safety glass to give you maximum security and safety in your home.

Choosing a Door Supplies Online room divider means that you’ll get quality and style in one. Our extensive range of room dividers includes different styles from French doors to black room divider doors. Some are also compatible with sliding door mechanisms so you can save even more valuable space in your home.

Choose from a range of solid wood room dividers

Oak is a popular material for interior and exterior doors, and our range of oak glazed doors can help to create a beautiful but functional separation between rooms. You’ll find both finished and unfinished versions of the doors, allowing you to finish them as your home aesthetic requires or opt for finished doors for the ultimate easy installation and coordination.

Timber room dividers have become increasingly popular throughout the years, offering a classic and iconic barrier between rooms. Our hardwood doors are made from the Meranti species of redwood and come unfinished so that you can either paint or stain them as you so desire.

Pine glazed doors are another excellent choice for interior room dividers. These premium quality doors are supplied with toughened safety glass, making them ideal for homes where safety is of the utmost importance. They comply to the highest standards of safety and are comparable to solid pine doors for durability and strength.

Room Divider Sets FAQs

Room dividers are doors used to separate different areas of a room and create distinct spaces. Often seen in open-plan homes, they act as a barrier between two areas, enabling larger rooms to be multipurpose in their use.

The right room divider for your property will depend on the style of the room, the size of the space you are looking to fill, and whether you want clear glazing or clear bevelled toughened safety glass in your door. At Door Supplies Online, we offer a variety of room divider sets for you to choose from with prices starting from under £500 for an oak room divider set.

Opting for real wood room dividers will provide you with a solid separation between rooms. At Door Supplies Online, we stock oak, hardwood, and pine room divider sets. Available finished or unfinished, you can choose the style to suit your home or stain and paint the wood yourself for a custom look in your home.

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